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To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.







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Sequester Hours Deadline


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Sequester Hours


Did you serve at least one Sequester Day (990-59819)

during PayPeriod 10 (May 24th), 11 (June 14th)

or 13 (July 5th) during 2013?


If Yes, you are entitled to 6 hours of

Administrative Leave, 990-59569.


For more information, see your NTEU 97 Representative.


The Deadline for using this leave is

Sept 30, 2016




















NTEU Chapter 97 Election Results

June 24, 2016




Jason Sisk

Vice President:

Marcella Gutierrez


Ricardo Quintana

Area Executive Board member for Tax Account/Resources Management
(Accounts Management Div)

Dawn Donovan

Area Executive Board member for Compliance (Compliance Service Div)


Mary Ann Galindo

Area Executive Board member for Processing. (Submission Processing Div., both Processing and Post-Processing)

Tiffany Mays

Area Executive Board Member for Computer Services, QAMS (Agency Wide Shared Services, Tax Advocate, Information Systems. Disclosure, Education)

Clara Harrison in elected as a matter of law as she is the only candidate for the position of Area Executive Board Member for Computer Services/QAMS.




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Members can purchase the discount card for 1/2 off. The price for members is only $10.00 and can be used at hundreds of restaurants and theme parks, including the parks NTEU does not carry tickets for (Universal Studios, Disneyland & Sea World). The cards are available in pink and black. For more information call 559-454-6626










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