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To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.Ē







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Dear NTEU Members and Bargaining Unit Employees:


Like many of you, I find myself very concerned about what 2017 holds for the federal workforce. Federal employees have been under attack for years. Unfortunately, I expect these attacks to become worse under the new administration and Congress.

There is a lot we do not know. We do not know what the new president and Congress will do. Based on previous bills that did not get passed and campaign rhetoric, we can make an educated guess that it will include efforts to abolish agencies, eliminate union representation, significantly cut agency funding, make it easier to fire federal employees, and cut retirement benefits.


But here is what we do know: NTEU has been through this before. Since 1938, NTEU has been a steadfast supporter of federal employees and has brought you many of the benefits you and your families have grown to rely upon: telework, alternate work schedules, strong contracts that protect your rights. NTEU gained many of these benefits through difficult political climates and during administrations that were not friendly to us. NTEU has done it before and NTEU will do it again. In fact, NTEU has already stood up to and defeated the incoming administrationís efforts to obtain a list of Department of Energy employees who work on climate change.


Hereís another thing we know: Membership in NTEU is critical. NTEU can only continue to successfully defend you and the work you do every day with the support of a strong membership. NTEU will stand up to the administration and Congress when they threaten your livelihood, rights, benefits, or working conditions. But, to do that we need your support, and your membership.

Hereís what you and your co-workers can do:

1. If you are not yet a member, become one today by filling out the attached form.


2. If you are already a dues-paying member of NTEU, thank you for your continued

 support.  Please help our chapter to get your coworkers who do not yet belong to be a part of our efforts by asking them to join right away.


3. Make this a year of action. Visit NTEUís Legislative Action Center at www.nteu.org and join NTEUís Legislative Action network to stay informed. Contact your members of Congress about these and other urgent issues. Here at home, attend lunch and learns on legislative issues. For our part, your local NTEU Chapter will keep you informed about NTEUís annual Legislative Conference and the work NTEU will be doing to protect you from congressional attacks. 


Finally, please plan on participating in a lunch and learn session as we hold them throughout the year for more information about whatís in store for federal employees and what you can do.  We will continue to distribute important information via newsletter, face book, take 1 bins, etc.

In solidarity,


Jason Sisk

President, NTEU Chapter 97






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NTEU Chapter 97 Election Results

June 24, 2016




Jason Sisk

Vice President:

Marcella Gutierrez


Ricardo Quintana

Area Executive Board member for Tax Account/Resources Management
(Accounts Management Div)

Dawn Donovan

Area Executive Board member for Compliance (Compliance Service Div)


Mary Ann Galindo

Area Executive Board member for Processing. (Submission Processing Div., both Processing and Post-Processing)

Tiffany Mays

Area Executive Board Member for Computer Services, QAMS (Agency Wide Shared Services, Tax Advocate, Information Systems. Disclosure, Education)

Clara Harrison in elected as a matter of law as she is the only candidate for the position of Area Executive Board Member for Computer Services/QAMS.






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